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I’m Definitely Voting for Biden but…

(A better America could rise from the ashes of a Trump win)

With so much on the line in the presidential election Americans of every political stripe are joining forces to elect Joe Biden. Former Republicans, Independents, and even leftwing Democrats are aligning with the party’s mainstream in support of the Biden-Harris ticket.

Despite the wave of support for Biden’s presidency — or more accurately, Trump’s defeat, there is reason to wonder if a Trump second term might become the impetus for sociopolitical change the country needs.

This comes from the fact that a…

The American Dream is a Nordic Reality

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The American Dream — the belief that anyone can succeed through sacrifice, hard work and determination has long shaped the image of America as the land of freedom and opportunity. Despite evidence to the contrary it continues to fuel the imagination of people at home and abroad. Nearly 7 in 10 Americans believe they have or will achieve the American dream in their lifetime. However belief does not portend reality, and most Americans have not nor will not live the American Dream.

What we often think of as the American Dream researchers refer…

If Life Were a Sport We Might All Be Champions

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As Americans we love sports and the sense of fair play and goodwill they inspire. But our sense of fair play and goodwill in sports isn’t often reflected in the way we relate to one another in daily life.

Take the concept of a level playing field. In sports, a level playing field means the field of play has no advantage for either team. In directional-play sports like football, teams switch positions at halftime to mitigate any advantage the field may give one team over the other. Golf does it…

How reelection may help the president avoid prison

Donald Trump has his eyes firmly set on winning a second term. But despite his ambition to remain in the White House there’s an underlying question of whether his motivation is to serve the country or to avoid serving time in prison.

Presidents generally view second terms as an opportunity to establish their legacy. Unfettered by subsequent reelection campaigns or the need to please their base, a second-term president can concentrate on policies that will define their presidency and cement their place in history. But Donald Trump is unlike other presidents.


Former VP is more friend than foe to GOP agenda

With Joe Biden the presumptive Democratic nominee, a contest between Donald Trump and Joe Biden will be a win-win for Republicans and their agenda.

If Trump wins, he can continue to cede policy to congressional Republicans in exchange for their fealty and Republicans could cruise through their to-do list with ease.

If Biden wins, Republicans would encounter an old-school Democrat in the White House; someone who views them — not as an adversary, but as a working partner he can work with to get things done.

So whereas a Trump…

Why it’s important White voters do the right thing for our democracy

Pixabay — John Hain

When comedian and late-night host Trevor Noah mentioned the 2020 presidential election during his standup routine the audience roared with applause as if to say, “Yeah! We’re getting rid of Donald Trump!” This prompted Noah to ask, “Oh, so you’re taking the election seriously this time?”

The implication is obvious: If we were serious about the 2016 election our democracy would not be in peril. …

The Complete 448 Page Report Explained in Under 500 Words


It is the written conclusion of the investigation conducted by the Special Counsel, Robert Mueller.


The Special Counsel was appointed to investigate how Russia interfered in the 2016 presidential election, and how the Trump campaign may have been involved.


The special counsel’s investigation revealed that Russia interfered in two ways: (1) through a social media campaign that favored Donald Trump; and (2) by hacking the Clinton campaign and releasing stolen documents to the public in an effort to aid the Trump campaign.

The Special Counsel’s investigation further revealed numerous meetings and conversations between the Russian government and members of the…

Xavier Z. Bishop

Xavier is a former mayor and city manager, and current political analyst

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